A work of digital literature
A loop, app. 33 min.
6 modules and 6 interludes
7 video projectors on a touch sensitive wall, surround sound, performant computer, Unity game engine
Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Kuutio space, 10–22 May 2022, coming up in May 2023

LUONTO (Nature) is manufactured of text, movement, image and sound onto two touch sensitive walls each ten metres wide. It puts on display how we experience nature in the digitally transmitted contemporary world.

A hilarious account of a fishing trip transforms into a river of text dammed by an artificial intelligence trying to master the art of salmon fishing. Cats gone wild jump around in a child’s tale that turns into a platformer game. A family craving for some time together breaks free from the realm of the Internet but ends up performing a combination of “calming down” tasks.

LUONTO consists of six visual, moving and formulating textual worlds and six interludes. You can simultaneously read, watch and listen to the work of art, and modify it by touch.

For this work the group conducted five interviews focusing on personal stories and reflections on nature, and parts of these are also heard in LUONTO. Alongside the interviewees’ speech there runs a digital and fictive level made of text, image, code, movement and sound. LUONTO is a large-scale picture of the contemporary world in which digital nature builds on nature and changes our experience of reality.

Thanks for support: AVEK, Taike, Ääreen-hanke and Raekallio Corp.

Luonto: kuvaus, Laura Piippo, 19.5.2022

Eräs kokemus luonnosta – merkintöjä Luonto-runoteoksesta, Elina Sallinen

Laskennallisen kirjallisuuden ystävät is a digital literature and text based media art collective founded in 2020 by animation director Tatu Pohjavirta, writer Eino Santanen and programmer Pekka Uronen. LUONTO is the first work of Laskennallisen kirjallisuuden ystävät.


September 12, 2022