Tatu Pohjavirta
I am Tatu Pohjavirta, a Finnish filmmaker and animator. I have been working with animation since 1996 as a director, animator, producer and teacher.
My focus is in traditional methods such as stop motion and drawn animation. I am also exploring the borderlines of the discipline through code generated and gamified animation. Sometimes I find myself gravitating towards coding.
made multiple films together with Mark Ståhle. Our films are narrative and created with a digital cut-out technique. This is a fast and effective way to tell stories.
Some of my artworks I have done in collaboration with Eino Santanen. In ABC-Invaders I used his poems in a game akin to Space Invaders.


Tatu Pohjavirta
Tel: +358 41 526 15 34
tpohjavirta (ä) hotmail com

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